At iET® (Indofinite EXIM and Trade) we are committed to fulfill the supply chain of factories and companies, fulfill market needs, be it Agricultural products, Forestry, Minerals, Ginger, Scraps, Chemicals, Raw materials, garments, electronics, food products, Groceries and consumer goods.

iET® have all the resources needed to answer business need, We treat every buyer and client as our partner. We are fully connected with shipping companies, forwarders and expeditions. We can reach almost everywhere.

Nationally, iET® help the farmers to gain better profit by selling their agricultural products faster with better price, We are happy to make others happy. We even voluntarily invest for them when there is need for a faster supply. iET® also a distributors to the retailers, in fashions and readymade garments, we actively participated in Expo and fair. We keep reaching out, which we believe that everyone is deserved to have better thing to buy with fairest price

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